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          Welcome to the 数学 Department

          Departmental Courses
          • GCSE 数学 (AQA)
          • GCSE Statistics (AQA)
          • GCE 数学 (AQA)
          • GCE Further 数学 (AQA)

          We teach all aspects of the subject from Year 7 through to Year 13. We aim to equip all students with the skills necessary to cope with 数学 as it arises in modern life and to encourage a life-long love and confidence with the subject.

          Maths is a universal language, which helps to develop students’ numeracy, enables them to solve problems and encourages logical thinking.

           www.mymaths.co.uk and students are encouraged to use this website to help reinforce their understanding of the work in class. It is essential that all students have a scientific calculator, these can be bought through the school website via the wisepay link.

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          At 关键阶段5 we offer courses that cover all abilities and enable students to further develop their 数学 skills.


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